If you lived in Quebec and you have done urban exploring, then you may have visited the Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton asylum near Victoriaville, I know I have.

Know for it's haunted presence and gruesome history, Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton asylum has a bit of a dark past that will never be forgotten.

It was build in 1939 and was owned by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, which was used as a monastery. It was later sold to the brother of Christian Instruction who used it to teach the teaching of Jesus Christ and the church.

On December 25, 1959 a fire broke out in the building and killed three children. Later in 1969 it was given over to the provincial government which was converted to a rehabilitation center, where practices of electroshock therapy, lobotomies and other twisted practices were done.

In January 1988, a fire once again started in the building, killing nine more people, but some online stories say it was eight. Either way, this sight has made some history for itself.

Before the purchase, the building had laid abandoned since 2002. The former owner Roger Thivierge, had bought the property in January 2009, which was intended to be converted into a senior's residence. Due to the lack of investors and funding, the project had failed right from the start.

Mr. Roger Thivierge then decided to make it available to photographers, ghost hunters and Urbex explorers alike for a small fee of $10. When I had researched the place, I also found out that it was being used for Airsoft games that were held there regularly.

While I was sharing stories on Facebook with a friend of mine who is photographer and had used the place for one of his photo shoots, had mentioned to me that the place had been boarded up cause of the city by-laws for property and structural safety.

It was the decision of one judge Claude Samson, who sentenced Mr. Thivierge to barricade the building and put a fence around the location to keep people from wanting to enter the building due to curiosity.

Mr. Roger Thivierge still intends to comply with the judges ruling, but he says in an interview with Journal de Montreal that he will continue to fight and will discuss with his layer if it's possible for an appeal.