Welcome back to UrbXTV web blog, where i have been busy trying to get locations and the time to do them.

Just a few weeks ago I took a trip to Barrie Ontario to meet up with two fellow Urban Explorers (TAE Official and Bouncer Bee), whom I've been following on YouTube, Facebook and other Social Media websites.

These guys showed me some cool places, as well as going in the dead of night to go see a huge Sanitarium. These videos can be seen here on this site or on the YouTube directly. Don't forget to check them out!

Just recently I also got in contact with a fellow Urban Explorer (aka-Eagle Eye) who wanted to meet up! I thought this was cool, perhaps I'm finally getting famous! LOL!

For the past little while I've been chatting on Skype with Eagle Eye about the meetup and what we're were going to do. We had first decided to just hang out at the old port and talk about exploring or other things, as things progressed we decided upon to go and do an explore.

So coming next week (date to be disclosed later), I'll not only be doing a meet-up with Eagle Eye, but he'll be bringing along his girlfriend and one other friend to go and do our first explore together.

Now like a lot of situations in finding locations, there might be the possibly of not being able to get in as well, but our sources tells us that the place we're going to be visiting has a green light. Which means we can get in without any hassle from the surrounding neighbors. So follow me on my Twitter and Instagram to get the latest updates and live feeds.


Working on the site and updates!

Next on my to do list is focus on the web site, getting more local news on whats happening in the UrbX world, what will be the next upcoming video for you all, got to keep the content coming!

I also want to use the web site to start building an online community,  but for now my Social Media sites have take more priority.

Next week will also me very productive with meetup, new location, and plans to visit Eagle Eye in his home town to do an explore there as well. So don't forget to check out my site or my Social links where I post all my stuff.

Peace out!

Mr. B