Definition of "Urbex" or "Urban Exploration".

(Taken From Wikipedia)

  • "Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex, UEbexing, urbexing and sometimes known as roof-and-tunnel hacking) is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment."

The man behind URB-X-TV

First before I introduce myself, I would like to thank you for visiting this site.

My name is Bernard Parsons, and I'm an urban explorer!

By definition I would be considered a noob in the field of urban exploration, but I do plan on continuing to Urbex till my dying days.

I have worked in the graphic design field for the past twenty years, everything from graphic design, web design, mobile graphics and UX/UI, all the way up to 3D design  and videography.

Why Urbexing?

The thing that got me into urbexing was that I needed an outlet where I would not be sitting in front of a computer all day, indoors playing video games or even working for that matter. I was intrigued when one day I started watching these videos on YouTube of 'Exploring with Josh' and 'Dan Bell', along with many others. As time went on, during my interest in Urban videos, I came across a Canadian YouTube creator 'Moe Sargi'. It was at this point I was inspired to start my own exploration videos and share them with the world. I also wanted to meet others like Moe Sargi who are Canadian and to meet other Canadians who interested in urban exploring as well.

About URB-X-TV!

Based in Quebec Canada, URB-X-TV site was mainly created as a portal where I get to assemble all my related work in the field of Urbexing in one location. I also wanted a site where other urban explorers, videographer, photographer etc, come and collaborate and share stories about their explorations.

The site will also provide news stories and information on everything related to Urbexing, making sure you have the latest updates on locations and their accessibility throughout Canada.

You will be able to create your own account, which has some cool features like your own personal blog, upload images and share with other members. You'll also have access to the URB-X forum, where you'l be able to ask question, get updates to events, collaborate with other Urbexer's and so much more, all free for you to use while you visit the site.


At the immediate moment most of my Urbexing takes place in the surrounding area of Montreal Quebec and the outskirts, other locations outside Quebec will gradually take place as the channel and followers grow. My main goal is of course is to capture as much of Canada as possible, meeting fellow explorers along the way.

Efforts towards exploring other locations in the United Sates are also in the works, if funding permits.

Constant Updating

Seeing that this site is fairly new and still under development, there will always be things to do and updates to this site, seeing to the user experience. If you have any positive and constructive criticism, please give me feedback on the site so I can take all your suggestions into consideration.