What is URBXTV?

URBXTV is an exploring channel that exists on YouTube and Facebook as well, it deal with abandoned locations that may or may not seem deemed safe to enter or legal for that matter. But if you are fimiluar with other channels who have been around for a long time that are involved in different types of exploring, you should know that it comes with it's own set of pit-falls.

Currently situated somewhere in Quebec Canada is home base, where all the planning, editing and social connection takes place. So it would be logical to say that most of the videos are from the local regions of Quebec, but have been slowly expanding West and East word towards Ontario, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

A bit about me!

As a person who has been involved in graphic design and multimedia for the past Twenty years, I wanted to broaden my new love for video creating and put it to some use, thus I created URBXTV (Urban Xploration Television).

Although it is somewhat a weird genera to get involved in, seeing that there can be certain consequences involved when creating this type of content. But nevertheless, I have decided to follow the current craze on YouTube and haven't looked back since.

Now as a YouTube content creator, I plan on continuing to build a community with other fellow explorers (which I have recently), taking this opportunity to build a portfolio and share it with the world.