Recently I have decided to combine all my design work under one page, the Portfolio page. Instead of having to go to different paged category layouts, everything is here for viewing without any distractions. My portfolio consists of 3D modeling and conceptual design, graphic design and UX/UI design for mobile, along with some of my other creativeness.

3D Concepts

If you noticed the 3D modeled spaceships, these were actually used in an online space trading game called TRADE WARS. These were done for the client in 3D and the animations were rendered out into small sprites for the game.

The Appleseed CQB-R/M4 Riffle was modeled for another client who wanted parts created to modify a version of the riffle as a prop for their Cosplay Theme. The model was built in actual dimensions to actual scale.

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UI/UX Design

Here I showcase some of my UI/UX design works and game design I did for mobile for previous companies I worked with.

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Graphic Design

Check out some of my client work along with some personal concepts I came up with in my spare time.

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Creative Concepts

Creative concepts is where you'll find all of my Illustrations, Drawings and fun stuff I do with Photoshop. Anything and everything related to character design and concept design as well UI/UX design.

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