Recently I have decided to combine all my design work under one page, the Portfolio page. Instead of having to go to different paged category layouts, everything is here for viewing without any distractions. My portfolio consists of 3D modeling and conceptual design, graphic design and UX/UI design for mobile, along with some of my other creativeness.


Avastores was a concept by General Director Stephane Martin, who saw a vision in creating a new online social platform that allowed the user not only socialize online like Facebook, but it also gave the user a virtual world to shop and buy in, with real stores and products.

I was grateful to come on board as Technical Artist slash UX/UI designer on the project. I was to over seen all the designer features and functionality and relay it to the lead programmers. We used NGUI - Next Gen UI Editor to create all the user interface, which at the time Unity's UI feature was pretty weak so it was necessary to have something to handle the heavy UI features. I also helped designed and modeled 3D props chairs, sofas, trees, plants etc, throughout the world environment.


Chop Chop Ninja

Developed by the company Gamerizon, I took on the roll as lead UI designer for the project. Here I not only created the assets for the UI and some of the artwork, I was also responsible for integrating the art into the game engine Unity, which was used at the time. Although some of the game flow may have changes since it was released, the overall UI I had done still exist within the game.

 If you like to check out the game, it is available for download from iTunes for both iPhone and iPad.

Click here to download this game from iTune

Dots and Boxes

Dots and boxes was a real challenge for me due to the fact that not only did I have to design all of the assets for the game, I also had to create the animation effects needed to make the game play stand out form the rest of the other generic Dots and Boxes games that existed. I decided to go with a more industrial, mechanical theme for this one, seeing that the competition didn't have any imagination when it come to re-designing generic game like this one. Each wall you put up generated a forcefield, once a box was made a globular liquid would fill up the space with the cosponsoring player color. 

The game also consisted of different board sizes for a more strategic game play. But mind you, playing agents the computer was no easy task.



Hippos & Crocs

This game was a fun project to work on, due to it's theme and style of game play. It allowed me to play with vibrant colors and cute animals that fought for territory on the marshy swamps, the Hippos and the Crocs.

Depending on which character you played, the Hippo or the Croc had cute animations of them wiggling as you manoeuvred them around the board. Once dropped they let out a big splash.



Momentum Masters

If you have ever played marbles when you were a kid, then you'll love this game.

Your goal is to knock the other players marbles off the grid board, the first person with four marble present wins the game. Not as easy as it may sound.



Coffee Masters



Hex Masters

Hex Masters was the first instalment of the Sylien Games franchise, and as a first timer to mobile game development it was a bit of a challenge.

Hex is all about laying down your Hex pieces on the board and creating a path that linked from one side to the other. You can lay your piece anywhere you want, but your goal was to connect before your opponent did.


TakTik Airsoft

TakTik Airsoft are a growing competitor in the Airsoft business, they asked me to design patches for their games where players are labeled according to the patch they ware. Below are some samples of the patches and more designs are under way. 


With my love for filming and editing, I decided to create a side project that deals with the popular YouTube craze, Urbexing!

Here I some some graphics for T-Shirt design and a sample video trailer of my channel.



V Dimension

V Dimension is a board game that deals with the fusion of the past , present and possible future of everything that has ever existed.


Game Logo's/Microsoft App Store

Working in the past with Sylvain Rochon, I had helped in the development of the UX/UI and creative design for such games as Hex Masters, Dots And Boxes and Hippos and Crocs, just to name a few. Later I came on board once again to be apart of a group of designers who helped redesign the art work for these games to be later transferred on to the Microsoft App Store. Along with these main titles I had worked on, I was also asked to design and create the layout for the game template as well as other game logos that would also be transferred over in the same manner for the Microsoft App Store. These images only depict some of the work that was involved in this on going project.

Coin Book Collector/Travel Expences

I was referred to this client where he wanted to have a splash page for a couple of iPhone apps he was developing, the "Coin Book Collector" and the "Travel Expences" app.

Graphic Design

These are just some of my graphic design work I have done over the years for clients. They range from logo design, brochures, to visual concepts.


3D Concepts

If you noticed the 3D modeled spaceships, these were actually used in an online space trading game called TRADE WARS. These were done for the client in 3D and the animations were rendered out into small sprites for the game.

The Appleseed CQB-R/M4 Riffle was modeled for another client who wanted parts created to modify a version of the riffle as a prop for their Cosplay Theme. The model was built in actual dimensions to actual scale.


Creative Concepts

Creative concepts is where you'll find all of my Illustrations, Drawings and fun stuff I do with Photoshop. Anything and everything related to character design and concept design as well UI/UX design.