V Dimension

V Dimension - a fusion of the past, present and possible future...

The first question you might be asking yourself, what is 'V Dimension'? Well 'V Dimension' is a board game that deals with five dimensions and a multitude of reals in which you play using game cards, a playing board, along with many other playing pieces to help you play through out the game.

Now I don't want to go to much into detail on how the game is played, that would take me to long to explain, but instead I will take a little time to talk about the game, how I got involved, and how we will proceed with the final production.

V Dimension is a concept envisioned by creator Seen Justice, CEO of Pure Creations. Seen has been working in the video game and media industry for many years, only to one day have an idea he has been working on for little over ten years, felt confidant to start building the board and designing the overall concept and theme for the game play and the nine realms that have been created. From my understanding though, five realms will be available at game launch with four more coming in the next two years.

I had an opportunity to work with Seen on a prior project where I worked as a UI designer, only to meet up once again, in which he had explained he was looking for people to help get this project rolling and get it Kickstared. So I offered my services as a graphic artist to work on the playing board and visual concepts for the playing cards.

I first started with the game board, this is where I felt the story will be played out, so I wanted to add as much vision and elements of the lore into the design. There are four main elements represented on the board, earth, fire, water and air, which depending on what color you choose will allow you to control certain elements.

Next the playing cards. When Seen first came to me, he had put together all of the art work himself, but not to hurt his artistic talents I felt that the overall design and theme needed an upgrade. So I came up with making each realm their own theme which is represented in the lore of each realm. Also each realm has a set of four cards that represent the Avatar Card, Minion/Mob card, Realm card and the Rune Card, all of which got their own look as well.

What is next?! Well it doesn't stop there! It has been Seen's vision to also make this a digital version for PC and most likely for mobile in the future. I really can't talk much about certain details but I can tell you this much that things are looking good and with possible backing. But until certain things can be confirmed from Mr. Justice himself, I can only speculate.

So if you want to check out more about V Dimension and the game itself, check out the V Dimension web site at: http://www.vdimension.ca/index.php , there you will get the latest news on the development of the game and where you can go to give it a try. so if you wish to follow us just follow the link provided below.