I’ve been looking into designing my own game and have been wondering what tools are out there other than Unity and UDK.  In my research I came across this wonderful game designing application called BuildBox. With its simple drag and drop features, it really peaked my interest as a UI/UX designer and game lover.  I’ve had some experience working on games for mobile, but for someone who really don’t have any programming experience this seemed like the perfect tool to get started on.

Built on its proprietary Infinity Engine, the developers behind BuildBox say building a game is as simple as dragging and dropping an image in the engine and setting up parameters using sliders within it’s easy to use editor, so easy in fact that you can build a game in sixty seconds. For beginners, they provide sample templates with pre-sets, designed to get you started right away.

Other cool features that are implemented in BuildBox are the ability to make money within you game. Like monetization and add support, where they have over nine of the top leading advertisers that can help start generating revenue. Everything you need to integrate in your new game to help generate revenue by in game purchases is all available in BuildBox.

Another cool feature about BuildBox, and probably the most important one is the platform or device you want to play it on. BuildBox can export instantly all major mobile and tablet devices, including PC and Mac, with talk of adding many more in the future. Xbox 360 controller compatibility, touch screen and keyboard controls are also another major implementation that also have been added.

Well how much is this software you way ask! Well at $2,675.00, it’s one of the best priced software that allows you to start building your first game right out of the box. Actually it depends on your limit of your own imagination, seeing that it allows you to do pretty much everything and much more.

So if you want to try out this software, you can get a thirty day free trial to download and test and start building your first game. I plan on trying it myself to see hands on how easy it is. Good luck and let me know what you think.