Let's make games!

Just recently I started testing game engines to find out which one is better for non-programmers like me. Now I do have experience in Unity 3D as a UI/UX designer, but I wanted to see if there was something out there that existed where you could make a game that was dummy proof and where you could build a game easily without needing an ounce of coding or scripting, fortunately there is and unfortunately there isn't.

In my previous blog I spoke a bit about BuildBox, an easy to use, drag and drop game engine that was developed for people like me, who are just designers and had no experience what so ever in programming. But the game engine was short lived as I started playing with it and tried to build a concept game from scratch using their proprietary software, only to come to the conclusion that it was very limited at what it was capable of and with allot of limitation.

Just so you know that, the BuildBox does have allot of cool features, but I was wondering if it’s limitation had anything to do with the thirty day trial, if it did then this should be fixed. If you’re trying to sell a product that looks and feel the way you describe it or show it, then make it so.

But before I go into discrediting BuildBox just a little bit, I did do a little research to see if others who were using it were having the same issues as I was, and there were. Allot!

From reading BuildBox forum I got the impression that if it isn’t in it, we don’t have it, and maybe in the near future we might implement it.

Now as a client, who will dish out nearly three grand to buy this software, shouldn’t be told that what you are looking for and what you need are two different spectrums of a coin flip. If you want to make people happy, you have to give them what they want, and from looking from their teaser trailers on their game making software, it looked like a sure thing. Not!

Like I mentioned, I tried BuildBox thirty day trial and I was disappointed after an hour using it. I saw to many bug issues or flaws that discouraged me from wanting to use it, and after reading all the blog post, it was indefinite that this was not what I wanted. Sorry Trey Smith!

To conclude, it’s not to say that the BuildBox engine isn’t any good, it just need more community support and a few more tweaks on the application. But overall if you want to make a simple game, then BuildBox is for you, perhaps some of the issues might remove themselves if you pay for it, not sure.

Using Unity for my project

This is why I’m writing this blog to tell you that I’ve decided to go back to unity for now and try putting my game project into motion using Unity 3D.

The first thing I ran into though and you can’t get away with this no matter what game engine you use, you need to apply some coding in order to make things work nicely.

Again, I have mentioned that I’m in no way a programmer, I’m just a pure, hard core designer, with allot of imagination. So how did I decide that I had no choice? Simple! I just immersed myself in the idea that I would try and learn coding or at lease follow someone who knew what they were doing.

After doing a bit more research, I found what I was looking for on Unity Community forum and got plenty of content and information on how to do some of this coding stuff on my own, afterword’s I could have someone come in on the project and fine tweak the game for me.

So I sat in my chair and watched hours of video talking and discussing about coding, following every step of the way to make sure I was doing exactly what the guy in the video was doing, making sure not to make any mistakes.

What this did was it gave me an idea how the structure on C# worked, and a better understand on the code itself and its functionality. After about six hours, I finally had something working, crude, but functional. The next steps will only get easier as I progress through the tutorials, but it doesn’t stop from there. Who knew that making a game can be so time consuming. Da!

So the video I have attached in one of many video documentaries…I call them, that will follow me during the development process to give other game enthusiasts who want to make their own game, to say that it really isn’t all that hard, you just need some patients and allot of time. They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” you know.

To conclude, just know that I’ll be updating on a regular basis. If you have an interest in the project and think you like to help, let me know. I’m sure there will be plenty of room down the road to receive help to get this project off the ground.  But for now, like I would normally say, let’s make games and having fun doing it.