YouTube Rigging Techniques

If you haven't read my previous blog, I'm in the process of building my own game. One of the key factors I came into trouble with was the rigging on my character. At the time I was looking for something simple, and I did. Only later to run into some weird situations where I wasn't happy with how my rigging was working for me in the pipeline. So I did some research on YouTube and found a intuitive video tutorial on how to properly rig your character, without having to spend tons of time fixing your animation mistakes. Check out the link and video below.

As a 3D designer and modeler, I do sometimes need to refresh my memory due to the fact that I sometime focus on many things and and not just on one, but that isn't a bad thing. I've seen the best people with amazing skill at 3D design, and still they need to update their knowledge and refer to reference materials to help them along the process of creation. It's when you do the same thing day in and day out is where you gain the ability to create without the need to refer to others, but then you end up pumping out the same things every time. Collaborating with others or finding new material on the web is a great way to come up with refreshing ideas, and ones that meet the latest trend.

Now I know this blog's title mentions touching up on rigging practices, but I also wanted to discuss about other practices when working on project. But let get back to it shall we!

In my game, I wanted to have a character that would be well modeled and animated, and since I'm using an older version of Maya 3D, I wanted to make sure that I was up to the latest techniques and rigging standards. I could have done my own video tutorial, and I might do it one day, but for now this video on YouTube will suffice.

This video was done from the people from Autodesk Maya Learning Channel, and I'm sure the person doing the tutorial knows what they're talking about. If you question "do I really need to have such a complex rigging?", yes! Not only will this teach you the proper way of rigging, it will allow you to do stream line animations where your character will move and transform correctly, without troublesome contorted movements where you may have to spend hours fixing, or having to settle for more obvious bad animation.

Maya Learning Channel

Weather you're a beginner or a professional, you always need to refer to new information and learning materials like video tutorials or documentation, because it's a great ways to refresh your memory and keep you up to par. Sometimes I feel that if people or companies that I work with know that I have to sometimes refer to outside sources to help in my creating process, that I'm somewhat incapable of doing the job. Not so! Not everyone are born with a genius or smart gene, and if you were that good, why would we need anyone else! As long as you're able to create the final product is all that matters, this is something I learned from my graphic design side.

So when in doubt, look on YouTube to find what what you are looking for. Making a game or animation a character isn't suppose to be all that easy, it does take time to get to that certain point of your task. But when it's done right it will be rewarding.