I’ve been looking into designing my own game and have been wondering what tools are out there other than Unity and UDK.  In my research I came across this wonderful game designing application called BuildBox. With its simple drag and drop features, it really peaked my interest as a UI/UX designer and game lover.  I’ve had some experience working on games for mobile, but for someone who really don’t have any programming experience this seemed like the perfect tool to get started on.

V Dimension Intro

The V Dimension intro is here!

Finally it has been done, version one of the upcoming board game V Dimension. As apart of is promotion to introduce the game to the public, I put together this intro using 3D elements and dialog to explain some of the game play and design to get the feel of whats to come. So far since I had posted the video, I have been getting request to buy the game. But unfortunately the game is still in testing phase and the search for funding for production is still in effect.


V Dimension

V Dimension - a fusion of the past, present and possible future...

The first question you might be asking yourself, what is 'V Dimension'? Well 'V Dimension' is a board game that deals with five dimensions and a multitude of reals in which you play using game cards, a playing board, along with many other playing pieces to help you play through out the game.

Now I don't want to go to much into detail on how the game is played, that would take me to long to explain, but instead I will take a little time to talk about the game, how I got involved, and how we will proceed with the final production.

YouTube Rigging Techniques

If you haven't read my previous blog, I'm in the process of building my own game. One of the key factors I came into trouble with was the rigging on my character. At the time I was looking for something simple, and I did. Only later to run into some weird situations where I wasn't happy with how my rigging was working for me in the pipeline. So I did some research on YouTube and found a intuitive video tutorial on how to properly rig your character, without having to spend tons of time fixing your animation mistakes. Check out the link and video below.

Let's make games!

Just recently I started testing game engines to find out which one is better for non-programmers like me. Now I do have experience in Unity 3D as a UI/UX designer, but I wanted to see if there was something out there that existed where you could make a game that was dummy proof and where you could build a game easily without needing an ounce of coding or scripting, fortunately there is and unfortunately there isn't.